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A bold commitment today,
equal opportunities for all to succeed tomorrow.

Glyph Health & Nutrition

No one should go hungry.


The world produces enough food to feed everyone. Yet, many families struggle with food insecurity and lack access to critical meals and nutrition.


Hunger and malnutrition can cause poor health, small body size, low levels of energy and reductions in mental functioning, diminishing people’s ability to work and learn. Making a living becomes difficult, leading to greater poverty and even greater hunger. The cycle is vicious.


We want to end the cycle by providing the needy with cooked, balanced meals through our catering and food centre partners.

Partners and Collaborators

Happy Eat Happy Save. HEHS is a social enterprise that provides healthy and balanced bento meals at extremely affordable rates. Through them, we sponsor low-income families with daily meals, ensuring their nutritional needs are met.

We look forward to and welcome partnerships with entities that share our mission and cause.

Glyph Education & Development

Quality education should be a right,
not a privilege.


There is no denying poverty and education are inextricably linked.


For low-income families, the direct costs of sending children to school, as well as the indirect costs of losing a source of labour can be impregnable. As such, school enrolment rates are low, and dropout rates high. This leaves them without literacy and numeracy skills needed to further their careers.


We want to provide equitable education and development for every individual, regardless of race, zip codes or family background. Quality education will be combined with enrichment classes and focused job training specific to both the individual and the local labour market, to ensure job readiness upon graduation.

Partners and Collaborators

Stag Match Tuition Centre. Math Mavens Learning Centre.

Tuition has grown to be a considerable part of the Singaporean education landscape. We will be sponsoring children from needy families with free tuition and enrolling them in our partner tuition agencies. This ensures children reap the benefits of quality tutor guidance and enrichment instead of falling through the cracks.

We look forward to and welcome partnerships with entities that share our mission and cause.

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