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Donate to Glyph Philanthropy Partners and support our work in promoting equal opportunities for all around the world. Your contributions make a real difference and will go a long way towards helping the less fortunate thrive.



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With a monthly donation, you can play a huge part in ending the poverty cycle. Your regular monthly support helps us to plan for the year ahead and ensures we have the resources to help lift the communities we serve.


Monthly giving is easy and flexible, simply set up recurring funds transfer of your donation amount via your local online banking platform. You can make the recurring donation to:


XXX-XXX-XXX (Glyph Philanthropic Partner’s corporate bank account)


and drop an email to with your Name, Email Address and Address once you’ve done so.


This cost-efficient and paper-free way to give allows us to reduce our processing costs, ensuring that we put even more of your donations towards the low-income families that depend on them.

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